with webhookbot together Be safer, stronger.

You can create an indicator that automatically provides trading by putting ready-made codes into your indicator.

All your customer has to do is come to our site and get the webhook url from the fastest running system in the world.

From the moment the alarm sounds on the Tradingview site, it trades in the stock market at a speed of 0.7ms.

Müşterinize vereceğiniz referans linki sayesinde sizde her müşteriden %15 kazanç sağlarsınız. Üstelik takip etmenize gerek yok her pazartesi hesabınıza ödeme yapılır. Detaylı bilgi ve sisteme dahil olmak için lütfen Whatsapp destek hattından bizimle iletişime geçiniz.

Step 1

Set Indicator

Make it simple and convenient by adding a few features to the indicator settings.

Step 3

Create Webhook Link

Ask registered customers to create a webhook url.

Step 2

Share Reference Link

Share your referral link to your customers and get them to become Webhookbot members.

Step 4

Set and Use an Alarm

Show that all he has to do when setting an alarm is to paste a link into the webhook url.

Below are the details of the commands used in our system.

Spot buy command.

Spot sell command.

Spot command to cancel all open processes.



Yes, you can add the command, press Shift+Enter after burning the command and add another command to the bottom line or ” | Put this sign in parentheses before starting the new command. There should be a space on both sides of the sign.